We have been facing some particular financial challenges this winter and spring. Everyone knows about our boiler going out, but we have also had electrical problems in the Ailbe House and other repair needs which have strained our parish budget. At the same time I have to say that these challenges have shown the depth of commitment so many people have to Holy Family Parish. A number of people have made substantial gifts for the boiler and our Knights of Columbus have organized a Boiler Replacement Dance for May 1. I am confident that the parish as a whole will respond as we enter into the Annual Catholic Appeal. Our goal is to raise $90,000 so we can not only do our part for the Archdiocese, but meet needs here--the new boiler as well as replacing the school porch which has been a long standing need.

Holy Family has had a high level of participation in the Annual Catholic Appeal. Under Father Clenaghan's leadership in 1996 we won an award for "Excellent Parishioner Participation." We were among the top third of parishes in the Archdiocese in percentage of participation. The past two years we continued to have a level of participation greater than 50% so once again we received a plaque which will be displayed in the back of church. Last year 56% of the registered parishioners of Holy Family participated in the Annual Catholic Appeal. Our goal this year is 65% parishioner participation. Please do your part by filling out the pledge envelope and placing it in the Sunday collection.

There are several option for making your pledge: monthly reminders, credit card and electronic funds transfer. The latter is the most cost efficient. It involves enclosing a voided check in the envelope after filling out the pledge amount. I used that method myself last year and it worked very smoothly. It saves the Archdiocese monthly mail costs; the record of payment simply appears each month in ones bank statement. Other considerations being equal, I recommend Electronic Funds Transfer as the way of making your Annual Catholic Appeal pledge. May God bless and guide you as you prayerfully consider this important matter.

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