From Fr. Bloom (November 21, 2004)

1. There is no two-bit collection this weekend. On Thanksgiving Day, the entire collection will go to aid the poor of our parish. Please bring your St. Vincent de Paul envelope to that Mass. All loose bills or change will be divided between St. Vincent de Paul and Madre Teresa to assist the needy in our parish.

2. Please also bring to the Thanksgiving Mass, non-perishable food items for the poor. Our St. Vincent de Paul Society will use these to prepare Christmas baskets and other help for the needy in our neighborhood. Also please bring an item of food from your own Thanksgiving table to be blessed at the end of Mass. For example: a loaf of bread, a pie or a bowl of olives. The Mass will begin this Thursday morning at 9 a.m. and will be celebrated mainly in English with some Spanish and Filipino parts.

3. Also to help needy families have a beautiful Christmas, please take a gift tag from the Giving Tree in front of the St. Joseph Altar. Return your unwrapped gift before December 13. Remember also that Scrip makes a wonderful gift. You can purchase Scrip after the Sunday morning Masses.

4. All children in our parish from 4th to 8th grades – whether attending Holy Family School or not – may participate in CYO Basketball. More information in the bulletin.

5. Thank you to those who turned in their Stewardship Pledge Cards last Sunday. 81 families pledged a total of $91,869 so we are off to a great start. If you did not turn in your pledge card last Sunday or in today’s Mass, please do so during the week or in next Sunday’s collection. Thank you.

6. We ask your continued prayers for Mr. Patrick Butler who teaches music and drama at our parish school. Mr. Butler was involved in a car accident on Thursday morning and is currently recuperating at Harborview Hospital. He is mending well, but would be most grateful for any prayers you could offer on his behalf.