Announcements (December 9, 2007)

1. Our second collection this Sunday is for Catholic Community Services. Catholic Communities Services is currently helping flood victims in Chehalis. Part of our collection will go toward that relief effort. In a few moments we will have a special presentation on the work of Catholic Community Services. Please be generous.

2. On the last Saturday of December our Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a Blood Drive. Please keep that date in mind to give the gift of life. This Sunday morning, after Mass, our Knights of Columbus are serving a delicious pancake, French Toast and sausage breakfast. Bring the entire family.

3. In the vestibule you see an update on this year’s response to parish Stewardship drive. There is still time to turn in your commitment sheet.

4. Now, I happy to present Catholic Community Service speaker. Please welcome Dr. Robert Gary.

5. (After CCS speaker). Thank you. Please be sure to take home a bulletin – and join your fellow parishioners in the hall for a delicious breakfast.