Announcements (May 4, 2008)

1. There is no two-bit collection this Sunday. Today – as Deacon Ted mentioned – is Commitment Sunday for the Annual Catholic so that we can concentrate on the Annual Catholic Appeal. We got an early start last weekend with 119 parishioners filling out pledge envelopes. Last year 455 Holy Family households participated in the Appeal and this year we are home for a 20% increase – that is, 555 families. Also we are hoping to increase our average pledge from $170 to $265, the archdiocesan average. No gift is too small – and of course larger gifts are most welcome. Last year we did receive a rebate – the exact amount is in the bulletin. Everything over our parish required amount of $62,759 will be used to replace our outdoor reader board sign and to beautify our grounds. You can make a donation over ten months by check, electronic fund transfer or by Credit Card. In two weeks we will send a follow-up mailing to those we have not heard from – so filling out your card now will save us time and mailing costs. Please fill out the front of the envelope with name, address and pledge amount. If you are unable to contribute or if you prefer not to contribute to this cause, I ask you to please fill out an envelope and write “prayers” in the pledge space. Your envelope will still count toward our parish total participation. I personally support the Annual Catholic Appeal and ask you to do the same.

2. Fr. Joseph Marquart, a priest of the Archdiocese of Seattle, died on May 2, 2008. The funeral Mass for Fr. Marquart will be this Friday, May 9, 1 p.m. at St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Everett. Fr. Marquart was a graduate of Holy Family Class of 1945. In the class picture he is fourth from right on the upper row:

3. At the entrances of the church are survey forms from the Principal Search Committee. Please pick up one and fill it out this week. In my column in the bulletin you will find more information.

4. Next Sunday is Pentecost - the Feast of the Holy Spirit. The deacons and priests will be wearing red vestments, the color of the Holy Spirit. Please also wear some red article of clothing: a red tie, sweater, blouse, etc.

5. The bulletin contains a nice picture of our First Communion children, also an important letter from Archbishop Brunett and information on the Annual Catholic Appeal, as well as parish activities. Please remember that next Sunday our Knights will host a special Mothers’ Day Breakfast. Please be sure to take home a bulletin for news about our parish and beyond. Thank you.

6. Please come to the Hispanic Carnival after Mass this morning for some delicious food and fun activities.

Avisos (4 de abril de 2008)

1. Este domingo no hay segunda colecta para poder enfocar en la Peticion Catolica Anual.

2. Favor de llevar un boletin para informacion sobre educacion religiosa y como inscribir para clases de bautismo, matrimonio y quinceañeras. Favor de llevar un boletin y leerlo.