Announcements (March 30, 2008)

1. The two-bit collection is for the Mary Bloom Center in Peru. As was mentioned in last Sunday’s bulletin, the Mary Bloom Center hopes to obtain new equipment for its medical clinic, including a Doppler fetal monitor. Also at this time of year the Mary Bloom Center helps parents provide notebooks, pens and other supplies so that their children might attend school. It cost about twenty dollars to equip a child for school. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to help some of our poorest brothers and sisters.

2. In our own parish school, we are now enrolling children for the 2008-2009 school year. In Mr. Lutz’ column you will find further information and requirements for those applying for financial assistance.

3. In the Stewardship Corner of the bulletin, you will note that we now have 718 donors to the Capital Campaign with a total of one million twenty-six thousand dollars. This coming Friday we will finalize the list of names for the permanent memorial plaque. There is still time for those desiring to make a hundred dollar contribution. Any donations, large or small, are most welcome.

4. The bulletin contains important announcement about the Street Fair Planning Meeting, School Auction, Adult Education opportunities, Young Adult Bible Study an important announcement from Archbishop Brunett regarding Initiative 1000. Please be sure to take home a bulletin and read it carefully. Thank you.

Avisos (23 de marzo de 2008)

1. La segunda colecta es para el Centro Mary Bloom. Como fue mencionado en el boletin, el Centro Mary Bloom quiere conseguir nuevo medico, incluyendo un monitor fetal Doppler. Ademas el Centro está ayudar a papas pobres para poder enviar a sus hijos a la escuela. Cuesta viente dolares equipar un niño con cuadernos, lapiceros, libritos, etc. Gracia por su apoyo para nuestros hermanos mas necesitados.

2. Actualmente estamos inscribiendo a niños para nuestra escuela parroquial. En el boletin hay mas informacion y los requisitos para aplicar para ayuda economica.

3. En el boletin van a notar que ya tenemos 718 donadores para la Campaña Capital. Gracias a todos que han respondido con una donacion de cien dolares. El dia viernes vamos a finalizar la lista de donadores para la placa permanente. Cualquier contribucion, grande o pequeña, está bienvenida.

4. Favor de llevar un boletin para informacion sobre educacion religiosa, preparacion sacramental y un mensaje importante del Padre Felipe.