Announcements (September 2, 2007)

1. The two-bit collection is for the Mary Bloom Center. Your donations will help the people in Peru who continue to go through a very difficult time on account of the August 15 earthquake. Thank you for your generosity.

2. Due to computer problems there is no Stewardship Report in this week’s bulletin. We will have a full report next week.

3. School begins the week. Please see Principal Glen Lutz' column for important information. On September 7 (First Friday) Mr. Lutz has invited parishioners to attend a reception in the Tice Hall.

4. Catholic Scripture Study begins next Sunday. There are also classes on Wednesday morning and evening. This is a thirty-week Scripture study which will unravel the mysteries of the Book of Revelation. Classes take place on Sunday and Wednesday mornings, as well as Wednesday evenings. Please contact Susan Purcell or Connie King whose phone numbers and email are in the bulletin.

5. Also in the bulletin you will find information on the extraordinary form of the Mass, which we will celebrate for the first time on September 14. On the next two Tuesday evenings at 7:30 we will have classes in the church for those who wish to learn how to participate in the extraordinary form of the Mass according to the 1962 Missal of Blessed Pope John XXIII.

6. CCD – Religious Education Classes begin the Tuesday after next. Please see Fr. Ramon for full information.

7. Next Sunday after the morning Masses our parish Knights of Columbus will serve a delicious Pancake and French Toast Breakfast. In the bulletin you will find information about this and other parish activities, including R.C.I.A., Life Chain and Baptism Classes. Be sure to take home a copy.