Announcements (August 27, 2006)

1. Our two-bit collection is for our parish Birthright. In the bulletin you will find a description of their work to help those with various pregnancy needs. Your support will enable these volunteers to continue and expand their outreach to those facing crisis pregnancies.

2. Thank you to all who responded to the invitation from Archbishop Brunett and the Washington State Catholic Conference to support conscience rights of pharmacists. Over 282 people signed letters last weekend. These is still time to sign a letter and we will make sure it gets to the Pharmacy Board before their August 31 meeting.

3. Outside of the church this Sunday you will notice the tent with information about Eucharistic Adoration. Please stop by to find out how you and your family can benefit by time spent before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

4. CDís (Compact Disks) are available in the vestibule to learn more about the Catholic faith. For a three dollar donation you can pick up a CD to listen to in your car or home.

5. As we complete the work on our new parish hall, we are looking for people who can help with the purchase of chairs and tables. In the bulletin you will find a list of specific needs and prices.

6. Remember that Catholic Scripture Study, on the Gospel of Matthew, begins in just two weeks. It is not too late to sign up. Please be sure to take home a bulletin for information on school and religious education activities - as well as Fr. Bloomís birthday party next Saturday.