Announcements (June 22, 2008)

1. The two-bit collection is for Deanery Hospital Ministry. Your donations will support the work of Catholic chaplains at Virginia Mason, Harborview and Swedish Hospitals.

2. Next weekend, we will be taking up the Peter’s Pence special collection, which supports the spiritual and charitable works of the Holy Father. As we begin the observance of the 2000th birthday of St. Paul, this is an important time to support Pope Benedict. This week, please generously consider your contribution to the Peter’s Pence collection, another act of good stewardship.

3. Also, next weekend – We will have Farewell Celebrations for Father Ramon after all the English Masses. The reception after the 11:00 Mass will be a potluck! All those planning on attending this reception, please bring a dish to share. You can drop it off in the school gym prior to Mass. Please see the bulletin flier for more information.

4. Three young people from our parish will attend World Youth Day this summer. They leave for Australia this week and would like to take your intentions with them. In the vestibule you will see a table with intention notebooks. Please take time to remember a family member, a departed loved one or some other intention for the young people to take to the World Youth Day Mass in July.

5. Holy Family Parish is forming a group for boys, age 8 to 18. A preliminary meeting has been scheduled for this Tuesday, June 24th, at 6:30pm in the Tice Hall for interested boys and their parents. For more information contact Dominic Parmantier, Cliff Macaraeg or Gary Samaniego at the parish office.

6. Roger Thibodeau has bread for sale after Mass. Profits will help support our parish.

7. At 5 p.m. Mass: You are invited to the blessing of the Capital Campaign Memorial Plaque – and Italian Dinner in the Tice Hall, right after Mass.
At 8 a.m.: You are invited to the blessing of the Capital Campaign Memorial Plaque – and to the reception. in the Tice Hall, right after Mass.
At 11 a.m: You are invited to the blessing of the Capital Campaign Memorial Plaque – and to the reception in honor of Mr. Glen Lutz, in the Tice Hall, right after Mass.

8. The bulletin contains information about Volunteers Most Needed by the parish, Annual Catholic Appeal results, Holy Family participation in White Center Jubilee Days, Youth Summer Camps, Bible Study and much more. Please be sure to take home a bulletin and read it carefully.

Avisos (22 de junio de 2008)

1. La segunda colecta es para el Ministerio Catolico a Hospitales. Sus donaciones apoyarán a los capellanes catolicos en los Hospitales de Virginia Mason, Harborview y Swedish.

2. El proximo domingo hay la Colecta del Obolo de San Pedro – para apoyar las obras apostolicas y caritativas del Santo Padre. El proximo fin de semana comenzamos la celebracion del cumpleaños 2000 de San Pablo. Es un momento importante para apoyar al Santo Padre, el Papa Benedicto XVI. En las mesas a las entradas del templo hay copias de la Novena en Honor a San Pablo.

3. Este domingo habrá la bendicion de la placa permanente de la Campaña Capital – después de las misas de 9:30 y 12:30 en el “Salon Tice” (primer nivel de la escuela). Todos son invitados.

4. Favor de llevar un boletin para informacion sobre Requisitos para Sacramentos y Quinceañeras. Tambien hay los resultados de las colectas – y un mensaje del Padre Felipe.