Announcements (June 21, 2009)

1. The second collection this week is going towards or Rectory Remodel to welcome Father Horacio. He will be arriving on June 29, and the rectory is in need of some upgrades and repairs before he comes. In the Pastor's living quarters and office, we need to paint, replace the carpets, blinds, window air conditioner, door and get new linens and towels, a new desk chair and visitor chairs, new lighting fixtures, and some other minor repairs. If we have sufficient funds, we will also do some much needed work in the kitchen. We have also registered at Target for some kitchen and office needs. If you would like to purchase something specific, such as dishes, pots and pans, etc. please look at the registry and have your items in the rectory by this Friday. We need your help to make this rectory a welcoming place for or priests. If you have been financially blessed, I ask you to consider a gift of $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 dollars. Any and all gifts are most welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your generosity.

2. There is still time to participate in Father Bloom's going away gift. Please have your information in the office by this Thursday. Also, if you can make a donation towards the materials needed for the gift, it would be appreciated. Just put "Father's Present" in the memo line of your check. For everything we are giving plus supplies for our reception, we need approximately $500. All amounts collected over this will go towards other parish appreciation efforts.

3. Next Sunday, June 28, is Father Bloom's last Sunday with us. A pot-luck Farewell Reception will be held after the 11:00 Mass. Please bring a main dish and if possible, a side dish or dessert. You may bring your food to the kitchen prior to Mass. We will be presenting him with his gifts at that time, and will also be taking collections in his honor to the Mary Bloom Center.

4. Next Sunday we will have the annual Peter’s Pence Collection. This collection allows the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, to provide emergency assistance to those who most need it. You can turn in your Peter’s Pence envelope at any time.

5. This weekend we are beginning the international Year for Priests. At the entrances of the church, you will find a prayer card that you can pray individually or in your family. Please use this card to pray for Fr. Bloom as he goes to Monroe, for our new pastor, Fr. Horacio Yanez, for Fr. Armando Red and for all of our priests.

6. The bulletin contains information on summer activities: Boy’s Club hikes, Movie Night, Parish Street Fair and much more. Please be sure to take home a bulletin. It has many other important announcements. Thank you.

Avisos (21 de junio de 2009)

1. La segunda collecta es para el Centro Mary Bloom. Es un centro medico y educativo que lleva el nombre de la mamá del Padre Felipe. El Centro Mary Bloom sirve a gente pobre en Puno, Peru.

2. Tarjeta – Año del Sacerdote…

3. Favor de llevar un boletin. Tiene mucha informacion en ingles y español. El boletin es gratis y se encuentra a las entradas del templo.