Announcements (August 20, 2006)

1. Our two-bit collection is for our parish St. Vincent de Paul. This group helps needy people in our parish neighborhoods. Your generosity makes their work possible.

2. In three weeks we will begin the Catholic Scripture Study, located here at Holy Family. Those who have participated during the past two years have high praise for this in-depth program. Each year they spend thirty sessions studying a single book of Scripture. The year the study focuses on St. Matthew’s Gospel. In the bulletin you will find a fuller description of the course and sign-up information.

3. Also starting this Sunday we are offering a wonderful way of deepening your faith. In the vestibule you will find a series of CD’s on topics such as Anger and Forgiveness, Which Came First: The Bible or the Church? and How to Bring Fallen Away Catholics Back to the Church. You can pick up a CD for a small donation and listen to it in your car or at home.

4. We are also close to beginning a new school year. September 5 is the first day of school and the renovation work is nearing completion. I want to thank those of you who recommended Holy Family School to a friend or family member. We have received an encouraging number of new registrations, but as Mr. Lutz indicates in his column, we still have openings in pre-K through eighth grade. Now is also time to sign up children for First Communion and Religious Education classes.

5. Last week you received a copy of Archbishop Brunett’s letter, as well as the Washington State Catholic Conference statement encouraging you to support conscience rights of pharmacists. In the vestibule you can sign a letter addressed to the Pharmacy Board encouraging them to stick with their June 1st proposal and not give in to pressure which would make it virtually impossible for pro-life pharmacists to practice in Washington State. The Pharmacy Board will meet again on August 31, so I encourage you to sign this letter today. We will make sure they are delivered to the Pharmacy Board. Any Washington State resident, including students, can sign a letter.

6. Please take home a bulletin for other important information.