Announcements (November 19, 2006)

1. Once again, in order to focus on Parish Stewardship, there is no two-bit collection this Sunday. Our Parish Stewardship Annual Renewal is coming to a close. Thank you to all who have turned in the commitment cards for Time and Treasure. If you havenít yet returned your commitment card, we ask that you prayerfully consider how you might be able to give back to God from the blessings he has given to you. We will be mailing out another Commitment Card this week to those who have not yet responded. Please bring your Commitment Card to Mass next weekend or drop it by the Parish Office.

2. Our parish school is promoting some community building and fund raising activities, including a Christmas Dance for adults on December 2. All those over 21 years of age are invited to attend.

3. Home Groups are forming in our parish. Please see the announcement in the bulletin for how you can participate.

4. Next Sunday after the 11 a.m. Mass we will have a Farewell Party for Frank and Pat Waite. They have been very involved in our parish, for example, in directing our childrenís choir. Plan on attending the party in their honor in the new Tice Hall.

5. At the entrances of the church you will find forms to order Christmas trees. You purchase will aid our school and parish. Also you will find Sunday Missals on sale for five dollars. You may pick up a Missal and place the five dollars in a strong box or in the regular collection.

6. This Thursday we will have a special Thanksgiving Day Mass at 9 a.m. You are invited to bring non-perishable food for our parish St. Vincent de Paul. Also we invite you to bring an item of food from your Thanksgiving table, for example, a loaf of bread or a pie. These items of food will be blessed at the conclusion of Mass for you to take home for your Thanksgiving meal. The Mass will be principally in English with some explanations in Spanish.

7. Please take home a bulletin for more information on the Thanksgiving Day Mass, as well as other news about our school and parish.