Announcements (November 18, 2007)

1. A big “thank you” to all who turned in the Stewardship Pledge. Today’s bulletin contains a list of those who returned the Stewardship card making a commitment of Time, Talent or Treasure – as of November 11. We thank also those who turned in their commitment later in the week or this Sunday during our first collection. By returning your card, you have made it easier for the parish to plan for the coming year. If you have not yet returned your Card, we ask you to please do so as soon as possible aw well will be sending out Follow-up letters to all who have not yet responded.

2. Thank you for your generosity in the first collection. As you will see in the bulletin, for a second week in a row, we have exceeded our weekly offering needed each Sunday to meet our budgetary needs. Thank you!

3. Today’s bulletin contains a flier from the Archdiocese of Seattle on “Understanding Stem Cell Research.” Please take time to read and study the Catholic Church’s teaching in this crucial area.

4. Tickets for the Thanksgiving Raffle are for sale in the vestibule. The drawing for the winners of the raffle will take place at the Coffee and Donuts Social after the 11 a.m. Mass. Prizes include a complete Thanksgiving dinner and $50 gift certificates at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can still buy raffle tickets up to the last minute. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit our St. Vincent de Paul Society in their outreach to the poor of our neighborhoods.

5. Speaking of assisting the poor in our neighborhoods, the entire first collection at the Thanksgiving Day Mass will go toward our St. Vincent de Paul and Madre Teresa group. Please also bring non-perishable food for the offertory of the Mass. Also, you are invited to bring an item of food from your Thanksgiving table to be blessed at the end of Mass.

6. This weekend the movie Bella opens in a number of Seattle-area theaters. Bella is a highly acclaimed film with a powerful message for teenagers and adults. Sacred Heart Radio is sponsoring a free showing of Bella this afternoon at 5 p.m. In Father Bloom’s column you will find information on how to obtain a free ticket to that showing.

7. This Sunday’s bulletin contains information Vocation Discernment, Young Adults Bible Study, and School News from Principal Glen Lutz. Please be sure to take home a copy.