Announcments (December 17, 2006)

1. Our two-bit collection is for the Mary Bloom Center. Located in Southern Peru, the Mary Bloom Center is a medical clinic and educational center which serves a needy population. Your generosity is appreciated.

2. Thank you to all those who returned Stewardship cards for 2007. In todayís bulletin you will find the list of those who used the commitment cards. Please make sure your name is on the list. If you have not yet returned your Stewardship pledge, it is never too late!

3. If you ordered a Christmas wreath and havenít yet picked it up, you may do so in the alcove between the church and rectory.

4. For guidance in celebrating the final days of Advent, please pick one of the fliers at the church entrances.

5. Also at the entrances of the church, you will find 2007 calendars. Please pick up your calendar. In the bulletin you will notice some activities you might wish to place on that calendar: Beginning January 8, we have a home-based Christian Faith Sharing Group. Also our Wednesday evening Bible Study and Fellowship has room for more members. The bulletin contains the full schedule of Christmas Mass as well as announcements regarding other activities. Please be sure to take home a copy.

6. Finally, St. Marthaís Sodality is offering a free breakfast right after Mass. This free breakfast is in honor of Fr. Bloomís 35th ordination anniversary. Please come to the parish hall or the ground level Tice hall to participate in this event.