Announcements (September 16, 2007)

1. Our second collection is for Build Hope. This collection supports Catholic Communications and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. If you have brought your “Build Hope” envelope, you may place it in this collection.

2. Next weekend we will have a one-time collection to support the Fulcrum Foundation. In today’s bulletin you can read more about Fulcrum and how it benefits our parish.

3. At the ends of the pews you will find nomination forms for the Pastoral Council. Please prayerfully consider who might be a good member for this important consultative body, fill out the form and place it in the collection, drop it off at the rectory or give directly to Fr. Bloom. Nominations will remain open for one more week.

4. Today’s bulletin contains much important information about our parish and school. Please take home a copy. Now we will have a special presentation on our parish Capital Campaign by Dominic Parmantier.