Announcements (July 16, 2006)

1. Our two-bit collection this Sunday will go to our parish St. Vincent de Paul. Your donations will aid the needy who live in the boundaries of Holy Family Parish.

2. The Archdiocese of Seattle has some job openings. Please see the bulletin for more information.

3. On Saturday, August 5, Archbishop Brunett will bless an Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine at Gethsemane Cemetery. Our bulletin and bulletin board has further information.

4. Parish Administrator Gary Samaniego is seeking volunteers with carpentry and plumbing skills. Also we need people who can help once a month with counting of collections. Full information can be found in the bulletin.

5. Also in the bulletin you will find an announcement about the Conference “Rescued from Darkness.” It will take place in Everett on August 12.

6. Please be sure to take home a bulletin for information about the progress of the ground floor renovation of our school - and for other activities in our parish and beyond.