Announcements (February 15, 2009)

1. Today's two-bit collection will go to St. Vincent de Paul. Your support will enable our St. Vincent de Paul volunteers to assist the needy in our own parish neighborhood. St. Vincent de Paul needs volunteers, especially men, to help them in their vital work on behalf of the poor.

2. In the bulletin you will see that we are beginning a new RCIA class. RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. If you wish to learn more about the Catholic Church or know someone interested in our faith, please let them know about this course. There is no obligation other than a sincere desire to learn about the Catholic faith. Please call Steve Hance or Gary Samaniego whose numbers are in the bulletin. Also, next Sunday at the 11 a.m. Mass we will have the Rite of Election for our current RCIA members.

3. Today’s bulletin contains some important announcements: the Project Rachael Retreat that will take place next weekend, Ash Wednesday schedule for Masses and Ash Services, the Lenten Cathedral Walk and the March 31 presentation by Dr. Tom Curran. Fr. Bloom's column has information on upcoming parish projects: the extension of our main parking lot and the repair and repainting the church interior. Also you will see some encouraging news in the Stewardship section. Please be sure to take home a bulletin and read it carefully. Thank you.

Avisos (15 de febrero de 2009)

1. La colecta de hoy es para Madre Teresa.

2. El boletin tiene avisos importantes, incluyendo las misas y servicios para el Miercoles de Ceniza - y la Peregrinacion a la Catedral durante la Cuaresma. En la columna del Padre Felipe hay informacion importante sobre unos proyectos que vamos a comenzar: la extension del estacionamiento y la reparacion y nueva pintura para el interior del templo. Favor de llevar un boletin. Es gratis y tiene noticias en español e ingles. Gracias.