Announcements (December 10, 2006)

1. Our two-bit collection this Sunday is for the Annual Catholic Appeal. Your contributions will help make up for the shortfall on our 2006 goal. This will be the last second collection to make up our 2006 shortfall, but, of course, we would welcome any special gift toward the Appeal. Any amount received over our goal will be returned the parish in the form of a rebate.

2. In the bulletin you will find a flier with information about the celebration of Advent in your home. It is directed toward the second week of Advent which begins today - and answers common questions. Also please note the invitation to help start a Home Group for weekly or monthly Bible study, prayer groups or Catechism study. Curriculum will be provided.

3. St. Vincent de Paul needs your help this Christmas with SCRIP from the school or gift certificates for toys. Please stop by the parish office by Thursday, December 14. The gifts will be distributed to needy families on December 16.

4. Our Knights of Columbus are serving a delicious pancake and French toast breakfast right after Mass. You can come to either the ground level Tice Hall or gymnasium on the first floor. Bring your whole family for an economical and tasty breakfast.

5. Practice for the children’s Christmas choir is this Thursday at 6 p.m. in the choir loft. All children who desire to sing in the Christmas eve Mass are welcome to participate.

6. Next Sunday St. Martha’s Sodality invites you to join in a free breakfast after Masses in honor of Fr. Bloom’s 35th Anniversary of Priesthood.

7. Our brothers from the Holy Land once again have beautiful wood carvings for sale in the vestibule. The crucifixes, statues, rosaries and Nativity sets are made of Olive wood from Bethlehem. Your purchase will help toward maintaining a Christian presence in the Holy Land.

8. You may pick up your pre-purchased Christmas wreath after Mass in the are between the church and rectory.

9. Next to the entrances you will find an important letter from our principal, Mr. Glen Lutz. Please pick up a copy to take home and read.

10. Please be sure to take home a bulletin for news about our parish and school - as well as information regarding the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.