Announcements (May 9, 2004)

1. The two-bit collection this Sunday will go toward the Mary Bloom Center, a medical clinic and educational center which assists the needy in Southern Peru. Thank you for your support

2. Thank you for your response last Sunday to the Annual Catholic Appeal. 252 parishioners returned envelopes for a total pledge of $29,678. If you have not yet turned in your envelope, please drop it off at the rectory or place it in next Sunday's collection. If you are unable to contribute this year - or for whatever reason do not choose to contribute - we ask you to simply fill out an envelope and place "0" in the pledge box. In this way we will know not to send a follow-up letter and it will count toward our participation goal of 500. Thank you.

3. This Sunday our Knights of Columbus host a special Mother's Day Breakfast from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Proceeds will go to Pregnancy Aid. Donations of baby items accepted. The breakfast will be free for all ladies of the parish.

4. Next month Mark Shea will return to Holy Family for a conference on how to read the Bible as early Christians did. Please see the bulletin for further information.

5. Our St. Vincent de Paul Society needs your support. Please see the important announcement in the bulletin.

6. (After morning Masses: Scrip is for sale. Registration after all Masses.) Please be sure to take home a bulletin for information about the Ailbe House Room naming project, highlights of Confirmation, Baptism preparation for parents and much more.