Announcements (May 30, 2004)

1. The two-bit collection this Sunday is for the repair and refurbishing of the Ailbe House. As you perhaps have notices we have made extensive repairs to the Ailbe House this year. Three weeks from this Sunday we will rededicate the Library in memory of Sharon Carriere.

2. Next Saturday we will have our First Annual School and Parish Luau. It will include food, music, games and dances. Tickets are for sale after Mass for five dollars.

3. (After morning Masses: Scrip is for sale in the vestibule.)

4. Please be sure to take home a bulletin for important announcements:

--Baptism classes for parents of infants and small children.

--The return of Mark Shea for a conference on how to read the Bible as early Christians did.

--School news regarding Baccalaureate Mass & Graduation.

--First Thursday Confessions.

--Information from Tom Weber on how you can help beautify our parish grounds.

--And much more!