Bulletin, Sept 10, 2000

As I mentioned last May, we can view our new school porch as a parable. All of us need renovation which first requires getting rid of what has become dangerous, even deadly. In its place something more solid - and more beautiful - can be constructed. We have seen that happen this summer as we observed the progress of the new porch. With our children returning to school this Monday we can feel satisfaction in this first step of our Holy Family Renovation Project. Again I thank those who have given their vision, time and financial sacrifice to making this beginning stage a reality.

I would like to acknowledge one man who gave so much to our school and parish. Last Sunday we were saddened by his passing: Mr. James Dettmann. Jim loved Holy Family deeply and supported every aspect of parish life. He faithfully attended the Saturday evening Mass and often served as Eucharistic Minister. It has become a cliche to speak about a deceased person’s “gentle manner” but I have to say that was how I always experienced Jim. I will miss him a lot. My sympathy and love go to his wife Janet, granddaughter Ashley and all the members of the Dettmann family. In saying that I know I speak for so many Holy Family parishioners.

Like the Dettmann family many members of our parish have been caring for loved ones with life threatening diseases. KCTS 9 sent churches a press release about a program which might be helpful in addressing end-of-life issues. It is called On Our Own Terms: Moyers of Dying. It has four parts, ninety minutes each, which will be broadcast Sunday, Sept. 10 through Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. (For night owls it will be rebroadcast Sept 13-16 at 1 a.m.) According to the press release “Bill Moyers presents an intimate look at the end-of-life journeys of more than a dozen individuals, their families and caregivers as they struggle to infuse the end of life with compassion and caring.”

These issues are important for us to reflect on. Our culture places such emphasis on superficial, passing values (good looks, success, health, prosperity etc.) that it can blind us to the reason for our existence. We have forgotten that the worth of each person does not come from what they produce - but from their relationship with God. How we treat the terminally ill speaks volumes about how we see the value of each human life.

The dignity of human life must be promoted from conception to natural death. I’d like to conclude this column by mentioning a very important stage: young adults looking toward marriage and family. Last week I received an announcement introducting Catholic Singles Online. As the name implies it is a forum to help single Catholics meet each other. In my years as a parish priest, I have talked to many young people who desire a serious relationship with one who shares their Catholic beliefs and values. Most of us have someone in our family who we’d like to give a gentle nudge in that direction. Catholic Singles Online already has about a thousand members. (47% guys and 53% gals.at present.) Their website (www.SingleCatholics.com) tells some “success stories” about people meeting, falling in love and getting married. It can be accessed for free although it costs a small fee to join.

Announcements (September 3, 2000)

1. Our two-bit collection is for Priests For Life. This organization, founded by Fr. Frank Pavone, helps priests and Catholics understand the various human life issues confronting our society. Your donations are appreciated.

2. Thank you for your contributions to last Sunday's two-bit collection for Fire Victims in Okanogan Country in Eastern Washington. $534 were donated.

3. Our parish income last Sunday from all Masses was $8,778. Your Sacrificial Giving is needed and deeply appreciated.

4. Youth and Young Adults: Please note the blue flier in our parish bulletin regarding the Youth/Young Adult Retreat in Mount Vernon, on the weekend of October 20-22nd. For more information, please contact Vernon Wells, 206-524-5547.

5. The faith formation classes for adults and older teens will begin this Thursday, September 7, at 7 p.m. The initial class will feature a video by Dr. Scott Hahn telling his conversion story to the Catholic faith. Please see the phone numbers in the bulletin for more information and to register. If you know a non-Catholic interested in our faith, please invite them to the class.

6. Also please see the bulletin for our Sunday religious education program for children 3 to 5 years of age and from grades 1-6 who do not attend Catholic schools, as well as First Penance and First Communion for grades second thru eighth. Please call Sister Mary Clare to register.

7. There will be a Men's Silent Retreat the weekend of September 8 - 10. Please call Mike Bucy (425) 391-4109 or click here to download more information.

8. Attention married & engaged couples: Come to a complete Natural Family Planning course to be held at St. Jude's Parish in Redmond. Learn about your Catholic faith and discover a modern, natural method of family planning. The course consists of four sessions on the following dates: Sept. 7 and 29, Oct. 27 and Nov. 17 at 7pm. Total cost is $55. For more information and to register, call Scott and Marie Elmenhurst at (425) 788-2453.

For information regarding the Billings Method of Natural Family Planning, please contact Darcy Hemstad, R.N., at WOOMB Northwest, 206-ASK-4BOM (275-4266).

9. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be celebrated this Thursday, September 7, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. We encourage you take advantage of this Holy Year opportunity.

10. Speaking of the Jubilee Year, please set aside the afternoon of December 31. Holy Family Parish will be remembered in the prayers of Vespers and Benediction at St. James Cathedral, which begin at 4 p.m. that Sunday afternoon. This is a great opportunity for us to make a parish pilgrimage to the Cathedral and for individual parishioners to receive the Holy Year Indulgence. As you know, if you have received the Indulgence for yourself, you may receive it on behalf of a deceased family member or other soul in purgatory. The basic requisite is to have made an integral and individual confession during the Holy Year, to pray for the intentions of the Holy Father and to say the prescribed prayers at the site of the pilgrimage, in this case St. James Cathedral.

11. SCRIP is for sale in the vestibule after Mass. Also please pick up your Albertson's Community Partner Card