Announcements (October 26, 2003)

1. Our two-bit collection is for our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society. You contributions will enable them to assist the poor here in White Center.

2. Thank you for your contributions last weekend for World Mission Sunday. A total of $2056 were given in our seven weekend Masses. Thank you for helping our most needy brothers and sisters.

3. Next Sunday we celebrate the Mass for All Souls Day. For the Saturday evening or Sunday morning Masses, please bring a photograph of your loved one to place on the altar railing prior to the beginning of Mass.

4. In this week's "School News" please notice the announcement regarding the dishwasher - which will be a boon not only to our school, but to all who use the kitchen. We are close our goal and need your help to reach it.

5. The Children's Choir is now singing at our 5 p.m. Saturday evening Mass. All school age children may participate. Please contact Pat Waite. Her number is in the bulletin.

6. Also we are forming an adult choir to sing for Christmas Midnight Mass - and the service of Lessons and Carols which will proceed that Mass. Please see the bulletin for rehearsal times and the phone number of Paul Grady.

7. In this week's bulletin you will find a worksheet to help you plan and budget your giving to charity. It will help you be a good administrator of the gifts which God has given you. The insert is also available in Vietnamese.

8. On Thursday, Fr. Bloom and members of our parish building commission gave a presentation to the Archdiocesan Building Commission. You will find the presentation reprinted in the bulletin.

9. Krispy Kreme donuts will be for sale after Masses next Sunday morning. You may pre-order by calling the number in the bulletin.

10. This Friday evening, October 31, we will have the drawaing for our parish raffle. As you can see from the bulletin, we have received a great response and should have a fun evening as we draw tickets for prizes of $3000, $1000 and $500. You can still purchase tickets after Mass or at the rectory. Also if you have not yet dropped off your tickets, please do so before Friday. The drawing will take place Friday at 8 p.m. in the school.

11. Scrip is for sale after Sunday morning Masses. It costs you nothing more and is a great way to support our school and parish.