Announcements (May 9, 1999)

1. Our two-bit collection this weekend is for the Mary Bloom Center in Peru. This is an appropriate collection for Mother's Day because the Mary Center helps mothers and fathers in the phsyical, emotional and spiritual care of their children, as well as helping them strengthen their own relationship. Your support is gratefully received.

2. Thank you for your donations last Sunday to Project Rachel. $488 were donated for this important work.

3. A special thank you to all those who have made their pledge for the Annual Catholic Appeal. As of Saturday afternoon, 341 families of our parish had turned in their envelopes for a total of $45,914 pledged. (Average pledge: $135) This compares favorably with past years and indicates that we are on our way to our parish goal of $95,000. If you have not yet turned in your envelope, please do so so this week.

4. The Journey Through the Bible Classes will beginn this Monday evening at 7 p.m. This three class series is for those interested in finding out more about the Catholic and for those seeking further sacraments or returning to the Catholic faith.

5. To all of our moms once again our sincere wishes for a Happy Mother's Day!