Announcements (weekend of March 14,1999)

1. Our second collection this Sunday is for the American Bishops' Overseas Appeal. During my seven years in Peru I had the chance to see the great work of Catholic Relief Services. Besides responding to emergencies like droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes, Catholic Relief Services carries out many self-help projects, for example improvement of seeds for farmers. Your support of this important collection is greatly appreciated.

2. Thank you for your donations last Sunday to the Catholic Seamen's Club of Seattle. $556 were donated.

3. Special thank your to those who responded spontaneously by making donations for a new boiler for our parish school. Twelve different people have given a total of $4,545.

4. Also I am gratified that our ordinary collection has increased somewhat in the past weeks. We are still behind our budget goal, so we appreciate your continued support.

5. There will be a Catholic Men's Conference this Thursday evening at Seattle University. Steve Wood of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers will be the featured speaker. Please see the bulletin for more information.

6. On Friday evening will be have our first meeting of Courage, a support group for men and women striving to live chaste lives in accordance with the Church's Pastoral Teaching on Homosexuality. the meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Ailbe House.

7. Next Friday and Saturday evenings we will have our Annual Reach Auction for Holy Family School. Friday is family night and Saturday will be the Gala Live Dinner Auction. Please see the bulletin for more information.

8. The Mass of Christian Burial for Jean Levesque will be Thursday morning at 10 a.m.