Announcements (June 27, 1999)

1. The second collection this weekend is for Peter's Pence. This collection supports the works of charity and apostolic ministry of Pope John Paul II. Please be generous in helping our Holy Father to continue his service to the universal church.

2. Thank you for your contributions last Sunday for our St. Vincent de Paul Society. $613 were donated for this important work.

3. This year we will renew our parish pictorial directory. It has been about six years since our last one. We will have foto dates in August and October. Sign ups will begin in July. We need help in coordinating the directory. Please call Greg McNabb at our parish phone number.

4. Thank you to the many people who brought recyclable aluminum cans for the restoration of our original Sacred Heart Statue. Please bring your aluminum cans to the parish office or contact Thomas Burckhard whose phone number is in the bulletin.

5. The Ailbe House will be closed during the month of July and first week of August for the Channel Summer Program. The chapel will remain open for adoration all day Friday continuing through Saturday morning at 8:15.