Announcements (July 4, 1999)

1. This Sunday's second collection is for the Holy Family School Scholarship Fund.

2. Thank you for your contributions last Sunday for the Peter's Pence collection. $2,064 were donated to assist Pope John Paul in his apostolic ministry.

3. Next Sunday's two-bit collection is for Vamos, a project to help the poor in Mexico. Bob and Dorothy Atkins were part of a group who visited Mexico in May and have written a description of the Vamos project which you can find in today's bulletin.

4. We need help in organizing our Parish pictorial directory. Adults, as well as teens 8th grade and older, can volunteer to help with this project. Please see the bulletin for more information and the number to call.

5. Our Knights of Columbus continue to recycle aluminum cans for the restoration of our original Sacred Heart statue. Please bring your used aluminum cans to the parish office or call Thomas Burckhard whose number is in the bulletin.