Announcements (July 25, 1999)

1. Today's two bit collection will go to our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society. Your support is appreciated to help needy families in our neighborhood. Also please note on August 14 there will be a summer fundraiser for the main office of St. Vincent de Paul. More details are in the bulletin.

2. Thank you for your contributions last Sunday for the UW Newman Center. $508 were given.

3. A reminder: your support of the parish in our regular collection is needed and appreciated. During the summer, parishioners are sometimes away, but the needs of the parish continue. Please remember to give sacrificially so that our parish may continue to advance.

4. This Sunday our seminarian Derek Lappe will be ordained to the diaconate at his home parish in Longview. Derek will return to Holy Family week to begin his deacon ministry with us. Please check the bulletinn for information about home blessings, the evening gathering for altar servers and the barbeque for young men ages 14-25.

5. For single young women, age 18-35, there is an opportunity in our parish to explore the contemplative life. Please see the announcement in the bulletin.

6. Youth from high school age through college age are invited to participate in the Marian Youth Retreat at St. Mary's Church, Anacortes. Please see the bulletin for further details.

7. Please sign up for the parish pictorial directory if you have not already done so. We hope to have everyone's picture in it. There is no obligation to buy fotos.

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