Announcements (February 15, 2004)

1. Our two-bit collection this Sunday will go toward the boiler debt. In the bulletin Stewardship corner, you will find the totals for last week's two-bitt collection and for the first collection during each Mass.

2. I want to thank the volunteers who fixed our church kneelers. Our pews also need washing and waxing. Please call Tom Weber if you can help.

3. We are compiling a Parish Business Directory as a means of supporting fellow parishioners. If you have goods and services to offer, please drop your business card in the boxes located at the entrances.

4. Also at the entrances you will find the forms for the Fr. Corapi retreat. The theme is "The End Game." The talks are all new. The retreat begins on March 5, just two weeks from this Friday.

5. On the last weekend of February we will have the visit of the Divine Mercy image. The Knights of Columbus are sponsoring this devotion. More information next Sunday.

6. After morning Masses: Scrip is for sale in the vestibule.

7. Please take home a bulletin for many more important items, including information about next month's Family Auction Night, the retreat for youth and the Post Abortion Healing Retreat by Project Rachel.