Announcements (February 5, 2006)

1. Our two-bit collection is for Tuition Assistance. This fund enables deserving families to send their child to our parish school. Your donation will help our school meet its budget and will thus benefit our overall parish. Thank you for your donations last weekend for repairing the portables. $1,335.50 were contributed, which will go toward roofing material.

2. Our Catholic Evidence Guild will present a lecture on “Why Catholics Don’t Believe Faith Alone Saves Us.” This lecture will help you understand the relation between faith and works in a person’s salvation.

3. Project Rachel will hold a retreat for post-abortion healing. Please see the notice in the bulletin. Also you will find information regarding an upcoming course on Natural Family Planning.

4. This week we are offering a last chance to enroll in Confirmation classes. Please see the bulletin for full information.

5. Next Sunday morning, from 9 to 12:15, our Knights of Columbus will offer a delicious pancake, sausage and French toast breakfast. Please plan on attending.

6. Due to the Super Bowl next Sunday, our Girls’ Group has postponed their bowling party till a future date. Please contact Mary Lane for further information.

7. (Saturday evening) Please join us for the Open House after Mass in our school.

8. Please take home a bulletin for other important announcements.