Announcements (September 4, 2005)

1. The two-bit collection this weekend will be used to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Archbishop Brunett has asked Catholics to respond generously with financial assistance for communities recovering from damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. We have all seen the pictures and read the reports of how much our brothers and sisters are suffering in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast. A striking example of the devastation comes from the Biloxi, Mississippi, diocese. That diocese reports that 14 of its 57 church are either totally destroyed or devastated beyond rebuilding. If you write a check, make it to "Holy Family Parish" with "Katrina" or "hurricane relief" in the memo and we will send it to the Katrina Relief Fund to help Catholic Charities USA provide emergency and long-term disaster-recovery efforts.

2. Catholic Scripture Studies begins next Sunday morning. Also there are sessions on Wednesday evenings. Please call Susan or Connie for more information. Their numbers are in the bulletin.

3. Also CCD, Baptism and Marriage Preparation classes are scheduled to begin soon. Please take home a bulletin for details of our parish religious education program and for other important information about parish activities.