Announcements (December 4, 2005)

1. The two-bit collection is for Tuition Assistance. Your contributions will enable needy students to attend our parish school – and will help our parish by helping our school meets its budget goals. Please see School News in the bulletin for more information.

2. Thank you for your support of Birthright in the two-bit collection last Sunday. Over two thousand dollars were donated, which will enable them to help women and girls who are in crisis pregnancies.

3. A pain-less way you can help our school and parish is by enrolling your Safeway card in the electronic scrip program. The bulletin has a coupon which you can clip and fill out.

4. This Monday the Holy Family Apologetics series will present a lecture on the topic “Explaining Mary to Protestants.” Also please note the flier with the questions which Protestants most often ask Catholics. If you would like to be better prepared to answer these questions, please come to the presentation at 7 p.m. Monday in the Sharon Carriere Library of the Ailbe House.

5. Don’t miss the Knights of Columbus Breakfast next Sunday – also in the bulletin is information about their sale of Christmas Cards to Keep Christ in Christmas.

6. Next Sunday is the deadline for Scrip gift certificates or cash contributions to provide gifts for the poor of our parish. Please take a tag from the giving tree and place it in the collection with your donation.

7. In the vestibule your will find on sale A Guide to Narnia, 100 Questions about the Chronicles of Narnia, for only $3.00.

8. Can you help with Christmas decoration for our church? In the bulletin you will find full information. Please take a bulletin home for this and other important announcements.