Announcements (October 30, 2005)

1. Our two-bit collection will go toward improving security in school, church, rectory and Ailbe House. Your contributions are appreciated.

2. The collection figures in the bulletin are not complete. On the bulletin board you will find the correct amounts for the Mission Sunday collection and for the first collection.

3. The bulletin contains a number of important fliers: on the Pennies from Heaven Concert, the Holy Family Apologetics Series and on parish Stewardship. I would like to the bright colored flier listing various parish ministries. You may use this flier to respond to our appeal for volunteer help in various aspects of parish life. Also it indicates the variety of services which your financial Stewardship supports.

4. Monday evening we will have the raffle drawing at the Knights of Columbus Halloween Party. All children from Holy Family Parish are invited, as well as adults who desire a fun, family evening. You can still purchase tickets for the $3000, $1000, $500 and other prizes. By doing so, you will help Holy Family Parish with its financial needs.

5. Members of St. Martha’s Sodality are selling Christmas Wreathes in the Vestibule. This sale will continue one more week. Place your order now. Also you may purchase raffle tickets in the vestibule.

6. At all the entrances of the church you will find copies of a very interesting newspaper: It contains testimonies from celebrities on chastity, abstinence and the dignity of human life. is free, but we ask you to consider a 25 cent donation in the Sunday collection for each copy you take.

7. Please note the times for All Saints and All Souls Masses in the bulletin. In addition to the times listed there will be an 8:30 Mass on Wednesday morning for All Souls Day.

8. This Sunday’s bulletin contains information about a job opening in our parish school. Please take home a bulletin for more news about our parish and school.