Announcements (March 26, 2006)

1. Our second collection is for Catholic Relief Services. Your donations will support relief and resettlement of victims of war and natural disasters, as well as development projects to help the poor. Please see the bulletin and our bulletin boards for more information.

2. Stewardship/Capital Campaign Check Writing Procedure In an effort to be totally accountable for the donations that come in to the parish for the purpose of Stewardship (regular offering) and the Capital Campaign, the parish maintains separate bank accounts for each of these funds. Because of this, it would be greatly appreciated if these donations were not combined on one check, but instead a separate check used when making donations to either Stewardship or the Campaign. Checks for St. Vincent de Paul, mass stipends, or other parish ministries can be combined with your regular Stewardship check, just not your Campaign contribution. Please also remember to make sure that your check specifies in the Memo section which account it is for, or that it is put in an appropriately specified envelope. Your hard-working office workers will be most especially grateful!

3. If you have not already done so, please reserve April 8 for the Lenten Retreat by Catholic author Mark Shea. Also please note the Catholic Evidence Guild presentation for the first Monday of April: How do we know the Resurrection really happened? Today’s bulletin has further information on these opportunities to deepen your faith.

4. On the Fridays of Lent, St. Martha’s Sodality offers a wonderful soup and bread meal. Join your fellow parishioners at 5:15 p.m. and attend the Stations of the Cross at 6 p.m. You can find this notice and much other important information in your Sunday bulletin.