Announcements (August 21, 2005)

1. Our two-bit collection is for our parish St. Vincent de Paul. Please help them help the most needy in our neighborhood. You contributions are deeply appreciated and well used.

2. I have some good news. Our archdiocesan insurance will pay for the repairs to the statue of St. Michael which was vandalized about a month ago. We have arranged for it to be sent to the place where it was originally made - Italy. Obviously the process is a delicate one. The statue, which is made of carved wood, has artistic value and of course has a special meaning for all Holy Family parishioners. Many, many people have inquired about the statue. I am happy to report that it will be repaired and returned to our parish.

3. In this weeks bulletin you will find information about the work being completed on the ground level of the school and other projects related to the Capital Campaign. Also there is information on our boys and girls groups, altar serves, religious education and marriage preparation - and of course the ordination of Peter Mactutis which will take place in two weeks.