December 30, 1996

The winter storm pretty well snowed in my twenty-fifth anniversary celebration yesterday. This was a great disappointment for me, but also for people such as Fr. Pete Peterson who did so much work in preparing for the event.

In spite of the eight inches of melting snow we decided to have the Mass, even if only a tiny group could come. To my great surprise and joy, about three hundred people arrived. They were mainly from the White Center area, but a few friends from Canada braved the storm to join us. Our church was surrounded by icy slush. Many, like my Fr. Vince Pastro who came from Tacoma, got their feet soaked in the ankle deep ice water.

Still the Mass was beautiful with our Hispanic group singing their hearts out. Afterwards, we had a nice reception in which the Vietnamese choir made a moving presentation. They also gave me a beautiful plaque which hangs proudly in our parish office.

The Hispanic and Filipino communities combined to give me a traveling Mass kit which will be most handy. From the parish as a whole, I received a wonderful red chasuble. It has a reversible stole so it can be used on feasts of the Holy Spirit as well as those of our Lord's passion. The vestments were made by the Mercedarian sisters of Peru.

I am grateful for the many remembrances during this time. Any monetary gifts will be used to support the Mary Bloom Center in Peru. The help is greatly needed as this Center continues to aid families and children.

Because so many people could not attend the celebration here, Fr. Matthew Williams, O.C.D. gave permission for second Mass in my home parish of St. Cecilia's in Stanwood. That will be held on February 2, at 5 p.m. All are welcome.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Phillip Bloom

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