Our Lady of Fatima has played an important role in the pontificate of Pope John Paul II - particularly during the 1981 assassination attempt. The question is: how could an expert marksman have failed from such a short distance? Many, including the Pontiff himself, believe it was Our Lady's hand which saved him from almost certain death.

It is noteworthy that here at Holy Family the altar to Our Lady of Fatima is overflowing with flowers. This is an opportune moment for each of us to renew our devotion to the Mother of Jesus.

Our parish has surely been blessed through the intercession of Mary. We see that in the many folks who have come to the fore in response to our school renovation project. We also see it in terms of vocations to the priesthood. Several young men from Holy Family are currently in the seminary, others are discerning a possible priestly vocation. This summer once again Armando Perez will be with us as he takes the CPE (clinical pastoral education) program. We welcome Armando and pray God will continue to bless him on this road. Also Peter Mactutis will be with us. He has now finished his first year of studies at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon.

On June 10 Deacon Derek Lappe will be ordained to the priesthood. The ceremony will take place in St. James Cathedral. All are invited to attend. You no doubt remember that Deacon Derek was here at Holy Family summer - and will be with us again on June 17 for the 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Masses.

One final note: please say a special prayer for our parish receptionist and pastoral assistant, Cynthia Ramirez - and her fiance Alejando Camarena. They are going to San Juan de Los Lagos in Mexico where they will be getting married on May 26. Fr. Gallagher, Sister Mary Clare Hall and others from Holy Family Parish will be attending that beautiful event.


Natural Family Planning classes begin at St. John's on Monday, May 22, 7 - 9 p.m. Please call Suzanne Gallus, 206-783-2939, for more information.