After Abortion

Hi Fr. Bloom,

I write the After abortion website and I'm a friend of The Raving Atheist. He enjoyed getting a comment from you--and since I am a Catholic, he even thought I might have put you up to it.

I just looked at your "Simple Catholicism" website, and saw the article you linked to on

Healing After Abortion. If you look at my blog, you'll see a ton of resources for healing after abortion.

God bless you!

Emily Peterson
After abortion


Thanks, Emily. I will make a link to After Abortion when I next update. Your work is so important - this is the great wound in the Body of Christ, not just for women but for us men who have dodged our responsibilities. Prayers.

God bless,

Fr. Bloom

Show Truth to America
(Demonstration at Seattle University, September 27, 2003)
Warning: Contains Graphic Images

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