The Sacrament of Confession

("I warned Him not to love me...")
Fr Phil,

I enjoyed your page, and your writing skill. I found the article on Confession Of Sins, of great interest. Only recently have I returned to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and found great challenges in it. It challenges me to be honest with myself in a way that nothing else in life ever has. Even though I think sometimes I perplex my poor pastor with my confessions, I find that what is a sin to me might be nothing to someone else.

I have spent many hours and days reflecting on the Sacrament, and have tried to put my insights into my artwork. You might enjoy my Seven Sacrament pictures on my homepage. I plan to print them as posters and give a set to my parish. My webpage URL is:

Educated in Catholic schools, I found great love and spiritual devotion in the nuns and priests of the parish. They have been a model for my own life, even though I have had many detours along the way. After many years, a failed marriage, an abusive childhood, indeed, even a rejection of God (I warned Him not to love me, not to be part of my life. I am so glad He did not oblige) I have at last found peace. I just celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary with my dear husband and our 16 year old daughter. I sing in the choir at church, cantor, and teach RCIA. I am practicing my harp playing for Christmas Vigil Mass.

There is so much joy in my present life, even though I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, even that is turning out to be an opportunity for sharing my faith and joy in God! I have more quiet time for reflection and writing, and the artwork I love.

I have found the internet to be a means of communicating with people that I would otherwise never have the opportunity to know. Your page has allowed me to "meet" you, to see a bit of the person you are. I have very much enjoyed your educated and intelligent arguments and comments. Thank you for sharing this all on the internet. It will surely touch many lives and make a real difference to people.

JoAnne Thorn


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