General Intercessions for Holy Thursday – Intercesiones bilingues


Celebrant: On this holy night, the Lord left us the commandment to love one another.  We now extend our love to all our brothers and sisters as we present their needs to the Father.   La respuesta es: Lord, hear our prayer y Te lo pedimos, SeñorOur response is Lord, hear our prayer and Te lo pedimos, Señor.




In thanksgiving for the gift of the Lord's body and blood, and for the grace to worship him fervently and receive him worthily, we pray to the Lord...


Que el Señor que dio el don del sacerdocio, bendiga a todo sacerdote con el don de santidad y caridad pastoral, Roguemos al Señor.  R/ Te lo pedimos, Señor. 


That our gratitude for the Gift of the Eucharist on this night may strengthen our solidarity with the poor in danger of starvation, the lonely in danger of despair, and the unborn in danger of abortion, we pray to the Lord...


Que los enfermos sean fortalecidos y que los fallecidos sean recibidos a la vida eterna, especialmente por _________________, Roguemos al Señor.  R/ Te lo pedimos, Señor.



Padre Santo, te pedimos que nos escuches por medio de tu hijo que dios su vida por nosotros.


as your Son sacrificed Himself for us,

may we who seek your favor

likewise give our service and our lives

for you and for each other.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen