I694 Campaign

Dear Father Bloom,

I came upon your web site after doing a web search for Initiative 694. I read your Abortion and Free Choice piece and thought it was very well done. I'm writing because I've been trying for several weeks to find some information on how to get involved with the Initiative 694 campaign, and have only been able to find anti-694 information. Do you know where I could find out how to get involved? I realize this isn't your domain, but I'm hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction because I don't know where else to look.

Thank you very much,



"Either life is always and in all circumstances sacred, or intrinsically of no account; it is inconceivable that it should be in some cases the one, and in some the other." - Malcolm Muggeridge


Dear Kirsten,

Thank you for the e-mail. Good to hear about your support of Initiative 694 & desire to get involved in that campaign. Give Human Life of Washington a call: 425-882-4397 or the Committee to Stop Infanticide, 360-863-1007. Their URL is: http://www.I694.com

Let me know how it goes. God bless.

Fr. Phil Bloom