A Boy Who Needs Your Help

(Mary Bloom Center in Peru, February 2012)

One of the joys of my recent weeks in Peru has been to help children with special needs. Let me tell you about one of them – a disabled boy named Alejandro: The Mary Bloom Center has been helping him for a couple of years. The picture below shows Alejandro with St. Mary of the Valley parishioner, Tom Morgan, when the delegation visited Peru in October of 2010. His mom, Alicia, brought him to the Mary Bloom Center where he received some care (see picture). Alicia did her best to find local treatments, but when this year’s delegation visited Puno, it became evident he would need to go to Lima for a more complete diagnosis.

Thanks to kind donations from people like you, we were able to provide for Alicia and Alejandro to go to San Juan de Dios children’s hospital in Lima. After a series of tests, the doctors determined that he suffered from “Paralisis Cerebral Derecha” (Cerebral Paralysis on the right side). When Alejandro was one-month-old he had meningitis, accompanied by convulsion, which led to a stroke. The X-Rays taken at San Juan de Dios show a darkened area of lesions on the brain.

His treatment involves five types of therapy: 1) physical therapy to stretch and give more flexibility to feet and hands, 2) occupational therapy to learn small tasks like cleaning a mirror, 3) linguistic therapy to form basic sentences, 4) multisensory stimulation – light, sounds, touch, etc. and 5) hydrotherapy – the one Alejandro likes best. The therapies have resulted in noticeable improvement. They will continue until the beginning of March. Surrounded by all the other children at San Juan de Dios, Alejandro caught chicken pox (see picture). For her part, Alicia is doing well and she dreams about becoming a physical therapist. She will have plenty of practice with her son!

Alejandro is a lively and affectionate boy. Every so often he shouts “beso!” and I pick him up so he can give me a kiss. (I do so trusting that I have already had chicken pox.) Alejandro also loves to pray. At the end of our visits, we will join hands for an Our Father, Hail Mary and blessing. The prayers of innocent hearts like Alejandro are a great encouragement. Many children in Peru pray for those like you have enabled them to have a better life. Your prayers and sacrifices enable the Mary Bloom Center to offer help to them.

October, 2010: Tom with Alicia & her son, Alejandro, 4-years-old with severe developmental difficulties (lack of control of speech, right side of body, bodily functions)

Obst. Marisol Condori giving physical therapy to Alejandro

January 12, 2012: with Alicia and Alejandro at "Clinica San Juan de Dios" (San Juan de Dios Children's Hospital in Lima)

w/ Obst. Luz Marron (director of Mary Bloom Center)

Alicia, Alejandro & Luz

in front of waiting lounge

Luz, Alejandro & Alicia in waiting lounge

wating to talk with social worker

help from Hermano Jose

man from Cajamarca with son, Luz & Alejandro looking at picture board

Luz & Alejandro in physical therapy room

vigorous walking

February 1, 2012: Luz & Alicia reviewing therapy plan, prescriptions and receipts

Janine, Luis Felipe, Melani (Luz' children), Alejandro, Luz & Alicia

Luis Felipe showing ant to Alejandro

Diagnosis by Dr. Julio Alberto Quinte Sarmiento

Budget draft for Alejandro's treatments, stay in Lima - and decayed tooth of Alicia

February 3 at San Juan de Dios

Alejandro showing his Chicken Pox

Alicia showing X-Rays to Luz

I will be visiting Alicia and Alejandro one more time before I return to the United States on February 24)


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