"only 144 000 people will ever go there"

I was woundering about heaven, and if there is any passage in the bible that states EVERY good person goes there after they die. I found one passage in the bible stating only 144,000 people will ever go there. Is there anything passage that contradicts that statement?

Thank-you so much!



Dear Jennie,

Take a deep breath. Good people do not go to heaven - only bad people. I know that sound crazy, but one thing that stand out when you read the Bible is that we cannot be saved by doing good things - only by acknowledging our wrongs and relying on Jesus' mercy.

If you read all of Revelation, chapter seven, you will see that beside the "144,000 marked with the seal on their forehead" there is also "a huge crowd which no one could count from every nation and race, people and tongue." (v. 9)

May you and I will be part of that beautiful throng. Prayers. Please remember this sinner.

Fr. Phil Bloom

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