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This website treats the three most basic questions:

Does God exist?
Is Jesus God?
Did Jesus found the Church?

In facing the questions you will discover:

Straight Talk on Sex
The Problem with Evolution
Beyond the Secular Paradigm
The Enigma of Jesus
The Bottom Line of Reality
What Jesus Taught about Hell
Saved by Grace Alone!
And a little humor: The Usual Homily

St. Mary of the Valley Album

separated at birth?

Selected Homilies:

Pro-Choice? ... Overpopulation ... Immigration ... Birth Control ... Women Priests? ... Secular Humanism ... Confession of Sins ... Pedophilia

Top 10 Misleading Slogans: 10. Against Abortion? Don't Have One...

by Fr. Phil Bloom, Pastor, St. Mary of the Valley, Monroe

Pictures from Peru
(February 2012)

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  • Some Recommended Books
  • Original Sin of Sex?
  • Bicentennial Man
  • Hawking, Galileo and the Pope
  • Darwin's Dangerous Idea
  • Hitler's Pope: Comic Book Approach to Church History
  • Healing After Abortion
  • Should Bartell Drugs be Forced to Include Contraception in Health Plan?
  • Germaine Greer on Birth Control
  • Human Cloning: A Catholic Perspective (How the Unthinkable Became Inevitable)
  • Boston Globe's Misleading Article about Catholic Church
  • encouraging email
  • How Daily Kos views God (and puts Evangelicals in their place)


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